In recognition of the company anniversary, Starlinger Managing Partner Angelika Huemer presented Lou Blockx, CEO of Louis Blockx, with an engraved Starlinger "S" made of crystal glass. ©Starlinger

Also Lucas Lammers, CEO of LC Packaging, was delighted about the trophy and the congratulations. ©Starlinger

100 successful years in the packaging industry: Starlinger congratulates LC Packaging and Louis Blockx


The two family-owned European companies were founded in 1923 and look back on a colorful history in the packaging industry. For both Louis Blockx and LC Packaging, trade in used jute sacks laid the foundation for the success of the companies. While LC Packaging, based in Waddinxveen, Netherlands, has diversified over time and today also sells cardboard packaging and net sacks in addition to big bags, Louis Blockx from Arendonk, Belgium, specialises in sacks made of jute and polypropylene tape fabric as well as container liners. On behalf of Starlinger, Managing Partner Angelika Huemer congratulated both long-standing Starlinger customers during interpack trade fair.

"In 2002, we opened our big bag plant in Serbia and installed the first machines from Starlinger", recalled Lou Blockx, CEO of Louis Blockx. "Since then we have a very good cooperation. In 2020 we started to recycle used big bags with our post-consumer recycling plant from Starlinger and produce new ones from the regranulate as part of the Circular Packaging project."

Lucas Lammers, CEO of LC Packaging, said: "For us, it has always been a priority to work with the best machine builder, and for woven polypropylene bags that is Starlinger. We have been producing with Starlinger equipment for 14 years. Our first recycling plant, which we installed six years ago to reprocess our production waste, is also from Starlinger. As sustainability is important to us, we are also part of the Circular Packaging project for big bags."

Old big bags become new big bags again

Louis Blockx and LC Packaging are leading suppliers for big bags (FIBCs) and pioneers in sustainability for this worldwide used type of industrial packaging: With the Circular Packaging Concept, developed by Starlinger, they have created a closed loop for big bags. As part of the concept, the two big bag manufacturers follow rules such as design for recycling, product tracking, as well as collection and recycling of the circulating big bags, thus enabling the production of new big bags from used and recycled ones.