Starlinger Managing Partner Angelika Huemer (center) and Sales Director Hermann Adrigan (second from right) presented Sacos Duran Reysac owners Xavier Duran Dyer (center left) and Xavier Duran Guzman (on the very right) with an award in recognition of their longstanding business relations during their visit at the Starlinger factory in Weissenbach in October 2022. ©Xavier Duran Guzman

80 years Sacos Duran Reysac

Sacos Duran Reysac S.A., one of the biggest woven sack producers in Ecuador, celebrated its 80th company anniversary this year. Starlinger looks back at almost 50 years of business relations with the Ecuadorean packaging specialist.

Commercial cooperation between Sacos Duran Reysac and Starlinger & Co GmbH dates back to 1975 when the company purchased one of the first circular looms for polypropylene tape fabric sold by Starlinger to a South American customer. Since then, Sacos Duran Reysac has been working with machinery from the Austrian specialist for woven plastic packaging and continuously invests in new technologies from Starlinger.

"Starlinger is truly proud to have been able to maintain such long-lasting commercial relations with one of our first customers in Latin America and to support our valued partner Sacos Duran Reysac on the road to success during all these years", said Hermann Adrigan, Head of Sales at Starlinger. "We congratulate Sacos Duran Reysac on their 80th company anniversary and wish them many more successful years ahead! Thank you for your continued trust in Starlinger."

"I really would like to thank Starlinger and everyone from their team for all the great support we have received since our relations started almost 50 years ago. Their continuous support means a lot to us and we really appreciate it", said Xavier Duran Guzman, Vice President of Sacos Duran Reysac.

80 years of woven packaging expertise

Sacos Duran Reysac, formerly known as Sacos Duran, was founded in Santiago de Guayaquil in 1942 by Jorge Duran Wauge, producing sacks made of jute and sisal. Later on, the commercial name Reysac was added and the company transformed by Jorge Duran's son Xavier Duran Dyer who visited Starlinger in Vienna in the 1970's to negotiate the purchase of the first circular loom. Today, his son Xavier Duran Guzman is the 3rd generation to head the family business. Sacos Duran Reysac currently employs close to 500 people in two manufacturing facilities in Santiago de Guayaquil.

The product portfolio of Sacos Duran Reysac includes a wide variety of sewn woven PP sacks and big bags for all kinds of dry bulk goods, including comestibles, as well as agro- and geo-textiles, and tarpaulins. The company supplies its packaging products to the local agricultural, construction and chemical industries, and also sells to customers abroad.


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