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Leadership in quality and technology from raw material to the printed woven sack and back to recycled pellets - Starlinger, worldwide the only A-Z turnkey plant supplier, is known for developing innovative high-end products and new technologies.

Customer relations means real partnership at Starlinger:
Starlinger offers a complete portfolio of support and consulting services, from project engineering to custom financing solutions, after sales service at its best, ongoing production optimisation, training and advisory services, even end product development.

Starlinger at a glance:

  • 45,000 circular looms have been installed worldwide
  • more than 10 billion AD*STAR® sacks per year are produced worldwide on Starlinger machines 
  • 22 billion 2 litre bottles installed recycling capacity on recoSTAR PET
  • Founded 1835, Starlinger has been in the machinery business for over 175 years, in the plastic recycling machinery business for more than 30 years
  • 750 employees of Starlinger achieve together over € 250 million in turnover
  • Over 900 customers in 136 countries trust in solutions from Starlinger
  • A sack weighing 2 kgs (FIBC) holds 2000 kgs of goods
  • No. 1 in technology, now in fourth decade of world market leadership
  • Energy requirement is only 0.7 kWh per sack

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