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“The reasons why I bought this line [a recoSTAR universal 165 VAC] were its ease of use, the excellent throughput, and we were also very interested at the filter at the end, a continuous rotation filter. It will allow us to process materials with more contamination – we will be able to remove the contaminants at a low cost and get a product that is high quality. The machine will actually replace the two existing lines we are using at the moment. It will cut down my production costs to one third of what they are now – we are really excited about that!” Ben Becher, President of becher plastics (USA)

“AD*STAR cement packaging is a well-known sack concept which has been adopted across the world. The main reason why we decided to use AD*STAR cement sacks is to reduce the bag breakage we are currently experiencing. By using the technologies that Starlinger provides we will be able to lower breakage substantially. This will prove to be cost effective since the sacks would cost us around 290 KSH per 50 kg cement sack, and changing over to AD*STAR could save us almost 2,000,000 KSH and over 300,000 tons of cement a year. National cement is installing AD*STAR sack production technology because we need an in-house facility to cater to our bag requirements as we buy almost 1,000,000 bags a month. Installing our own packaging production line will drastically reduce costs affiliated with the polypropylene bags as well as give National cement an opportunity to sell the bags within the market as Kenya has got a huge potential within the sector.” Kaushik Pandit, Managing Director National Cement Co. Ltd (Kenya)

“Nordic Plast has decided to install a recoSTAR basic 165 VAC recycling line after a long and very thorough examination of the equipment parameters and its full compliance with our requirements regarding the types and quality of the processed products. Our final product – different kinds of polymer pellets – has always met the highest standards of recycled pellets. We wished to preserve the high quality in production also with the equipment we selected. We are very pleased with our choice as the quality of the end product is what we had expected.” Dace Samuša, Director of SIA Nordic Plast (Latvia)

"The equipment of Starlinger is not only of high technical quality but it also considerably decreases energy and raw material consumption due to minimal deviation in the set parameters, and it contributes to lower production costs and higher quality of the end products.” Kuziev Zakirshan, founder and owner of TOO “UNIVERSAL” (Kazakhstan)

“We have worked together with Starlinger for twenty years now. Since then we have got a lot of support from them regarding machines, technical assistance, and simply all we need for the Syrian and European market. Today we are one of the biggest companies in the Middle East and looking forward to producing one hundred million bags a year some day. Markets are changing and so are we. Starlinger helps us with our development. At least every two years we buy new projects from Starlinger. Last year we bought a complete project for AD*STAR® bags. Now we would like to increase our capacity. After sale service is very important for us. At Starlinger we know everyone from face to face. They do not treat you as a customer, but as a member of the family. It´s a very close and loyal relationship. Personally I already feel as part of Starlinger.” Wasim Al-Ekhwan, Industrial Sector Manager, Al-Matin Group (Syria)

“NORSAC is the oldest sack weaving plant in South America. At the time of its founding in 1967, it was the most modern circular weaving plant in the world. In 1992, when I took over the company, it was in need of improvement, technically and financially. Only 5% of our machines were from Starlinger then; now, more than 90% are. Starlinger always believed in us and paid us special attention even in the difficult times. In the meantime we have bought 60 circular looms from Starlinger, a tape extrusion line, coating line and more. My first meeting with Starlinger was love at first sight. Now we have a well-functioning life partnership.” Victor Andres Garcia Belaunde, President of NORSAC, Member of Parliament and party leader (Peru)

“When I first got in contact with Starlinger twenty-one years ago, I instantly realised that this is a different company with different machines. Starlinger is not the kind of company which is only trying to sell. They really take care about their customers by helping them to get the highest possible efficiency. If you have any problems it is very easy to get in touch with them and find people who sort everything out for you. We once had problems with our looms. They did not only send a technician to assemble the looms, but also a specialist in extrusion, helping us to get better tape quality. They always have the whole process in mind and are far ahead in terms of technology.” Ricardo Vivolo, Director Grupo Embrasa, Matáo (Brazil)

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