Starlinger’s rPET PP*STAR:
a real world star!

For many years, the PP*STAR, a pinch bottom bag produced on Starlinger machinery, has been known as a robust and attractive packaging solution for products such as dry pet food, fertilizer, sugar, flour, or rice. Since early 2017, the PP*STAR can be manufactured directly from PET bottle flakes, turning it into the rPET PP*STAR. This sustainable concept has recently been awarded two prizes.

A pinch bottom bag made of woven tape fabric is currently making headlines. It turns out that the rPET PP*STAR, which has been designed for dry bulk goods, is a real world star. At national level, it was first awarded the national Green Packaging Star Award in September 2017.
At the international level, the rPET PP*STAR is among the winners of the prestigious international WorldStar Award in the category “Packaging Materials and Components” and has won the Sustainability Award in Gold. The WorldStar award ceremony took place on May 2, 2018 in Gold Coast, Queensland, Australia.

Bag manufacturing in a fully closed loop: This is the concept that impressed the jury. While other types of packaging are made from recyclable virgin material, the rPET PP*STAR already consists of 100 % recycled material. To be more precise, the bag is made from rPET bottle flakes, without the use of virgin material.
Used bottles are turned into bags that are in turn recyclable: a maximum of waste reduction!