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Starlinger customer information regarding the COVID-19 pandemic.

Dear customers,
dear business partners,

like all other companies, the situation surrounding the Covid-19 pandemic presents us with major challenges. We fully support the recommendations of the Austrian Federal Government on the containment of the corona virus.

In these extraordinary times, Starlinger is therefore adapting to the COVID-19 situation with great care, and we would like to personally assure our customers and partners that we are doing everything in our power to create a safe working environment for our employees and to ensure business continuity for our customers and partners.

We are aware that in this time of crisis, it is of great importance that we enable you to continue your business operations, and that we help you respond to the unique challenges you are facing. We would like to inform you that you may rely on us to support your company also in these difficult times. All Starlinger production sites, in Austria as well as in China, are currently in operation.

The Starlinger management meets regularly to assess the developments of this crisis with the aim to respond appropriately in order to adapt our business operations so as to guarantee the continued supply of goods and services, and to contribute to the safety and health of everyone involved. Obviously, the health and well-being of both our companies’ employees have absolute priority. We have taken several measures with the intention of preventing the virus from spreading further, and we are working incessantly on helping everyone to stay safe while continuing to support you as our valued customer.

Please be assured that our availability for customers and partners is a top priority. As a means of communication with our employees, you may continue to use the telephone, e-mail messages as well as all other channels that you are currently using.

However, delays in performing installation work and other services may occur due to current travel restrictions.

Furthermore, we are in regular contact with our suppliers. As of today, there are no major bottlenecks in the supply of our products. In the case of raw materials, we possess limited information about the early delivery stages. In the area of freight forwarding, we should point out that there could be limitations with regard to the availability of containers, trucks and ships.

Thanks to the preparations and support of our global team, we have confidence in our business continuity plans and our ability to continue to support our customers and partners during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Thank you for your continued confidence in Starlinger: We are doing everything we can to assist our customers, partners, and employees. We will keep you informed about further developments.

Yours sincerely,
and with best wishes for good health!

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