Consumer Bags

What is perfect consumer packaging all about?

It should protect the content, make the product appealing to the buyer, and be economic in production.
For the packaging of dry bulk goods destined for the end-consumer market and carrier bags with high standards for long life, attractive design and environment-conscious use, there are solutions that meet all requirements head on: PP*STAR® and CB*STAR® from Starlinger. 

Attractive PP woven packages are seen more and more often in retail stores. For these consumer bags a transparent PP film, printed in photo quality on its reverse side, is laminated onto the fabric. The product is presented with optimum market appeal, and the precise readability of the bar code is ensured. Ideal for dry bulk goods in quantities of 10 kg or more such as rice, cereals, and pet food – the PP woven sacks are stronger and cheaper than the conventional multi-layer paper sacks, and are completely recyclable.

Durable, reusable, eco-friendly

Woven shopping bags are gaining in popularity and have visibly become a part of our everyday shopping culture. For good reason: no other type of bag meets the increasingly high standards for long life, attractive design and environment-conscious use of resources so well.

Woven consumer bags offer the following advantages over conventional single-use bags:

  • Light but resistant
  • Durable
  • Less raw material input
  • Economical production
  • Environmental friendly
  • 100% recyclable