CB*STAR® concept

The CB*STAR® concept involves a compound of PP fabric and a reverse printed BOPP film, whose brilliant print quality gives the bag its outstanding visual appeal. This compound achieves a high degree of strength and the desired stiffness while minimising the weight of the bag. The reverse printed BOPP film protects the attractive printed motif from abrasion and gives the shopping bag a long useful life as an advertising medium. Woven fabric lends not only characteristic structure to the bag, but also extraordinary durability, strength and tear-growth resistance.

The CB*STAR® carrier bag, featuring side gussets and a block bottom, is glued with hot melt. This represents an innovative breakthrough for Starlinger: Polypropylene has always been a very difficult material to bond using adhesives. The new type of adhesive is applied very thinly and bonds the surfaces in a single process without complicated surface treatment. It hardens quickly at room temperature, thereby saving time and energy.

Additional information

CB*STAR® bags are produced by Extrapack OOD/Bulgaria exclusively on Starlinger machines.
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