Starlinger textile packaging

Many tasks, one solution: woven fabric.

Today the range of applications for woven plastic fabric is almost unlimited, and new uses for this outstanding material pop up at a tremendous pace.
One of the driving forces behind this triumphal procession of woven fabric is without a doubt Starlinger.

Starlinger leads the world market in the field of machinery and process technology for woven plastic sack production. This means:

  • the widest range of woven sack plant machinery
  • machinery for the most comprehensive scope of processes in connection with woven sack production
  • worldwide presence
  • 45 years of global market experience
  • the largest number of customers
  • the biggest range of possible end products

The Starlinger product range covers all types of machinery for the production of modern woven polypropylene sacks.

From the international corporate group with a wide diversity of products to the niche-market specialist: Global players in the plastics field rely on Starlinger both for product-specific expertise and for new ideas to help them broaden their market base.

Versatility and flexibility in the production equipment are the growing-ground for new product ideas. Options and features available with Starlinger machinery are anything but gimmicks – they give our customers an often decisive edge over the competition by making unique products possible.

First-rate technology has a price – and a value:

High return on investment offsets the cost difference between a plant from Starlinger and one from a competitor. The extra investment pays for itself within 2.8 years.

So when it comes to profit potential, Starlinger technology offers much more than its competitors.