One sack for various products

In 1993, Starlinger started the development of a new sack concept. The idea of the AD*STAR® bag was to combine the advantages of the traditional sack types known by then:

  • the brick shape and suitability for automatic handling of a paper bag
  • the tightness and flexibility of a PE film bag
  • the strength and resistance of a woven PP bag

Only a few months later in 1994, a patent application was filed for this groundbreaking concept of a one-layer block bottom valve bag made of stretched and woven polypropylene tapes and produced without the use of glue, only by applying hot air and pressure. Shortly after the concept was published, the first two AD*STAR® conversion lines were sold in 1996.
Since that time Starlinger, bringing together the know-how of sack producers, packers, and handling technology specialists with expertise of its own, has been able to improve both the sack and the machines with each generation.

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