FIBCs made of PET tape fabric

Starlinger has developed the technology for the production of fabric made of PET tapes.
PET tapes stand out for their high tenacity and high creep resistance (resistance to deformation under mechanical stresses) as well as low residual shrinkage, providing fabric and articles produced out of it with exceptionally high strength and long-term form stability.

New possibilities in bulk material logistics

A bulk packaging application where these characteristics are especially important are FIBCs, also called big bags. FIBCs made of PET tape fabric have superior dimensional stability due to their higher rigidity and excellent creep resistance – they maintain shape and circumference during long storage periods and in hot weather.

PET FIBCs are especially suitable for packaging and storing bulk materials with high flow characteristics: Content with little inter-particle friction – e.g. expandable polystyrene beads or polymer chips with slip additives – can be filled into PET FIBCs and stacked for long periods of time. The rigidity of PET FIBCs prevents bulging and subsequent toppling from the stack even with very slippery content. Due to their dimensional stability, PET FIBCs are a cost-cutting alternative to expensive packaging such as cardboard octabins.


  • high fabric strength
  • high creep resistance
  • long-term form stability
  • less bulging
  • multiple stacking
  • new printing methods
  • improved abrasion resistance
  • high seam strength
  • packaging material for very low/high ambient temperature conditions
  • endless recyclability
  • "bottle-to-bag” recycling possible


  • high-performance FIBCs
  • hot fill packaging
  • for content with little inter-particle friction
  • IBC replacement for cardboard octobins, drums, ...
  • possibility of new bag designs

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