PP*STAR® - Advantages

A packaging option for many applications
Be it multiwall paper pinch bags, sewn bags made of tape fabric or plastic film bags – PP*STAR® bags are a viable alternative to all of them. The fact that packaging producers/fillers can switch easily to PP*STAR® bags with only a few machine modifications opens a whole scale of new packaging options with all their positive effects for them.
Potential markets for PP*STAR® bags are high-end bulk products sold in retail that need convenient and protective packaging as well as attractive shelf presentation for marketing – like food products such as grains, rice or flour, but also pet food or fertilizer. Especially for the pet food and fertilizer markets PP*STAR® bags are the preferred packaging solution as they meet all requirements perfectly.

Today’s trend in packaging materials – be it paper or plastic – is towards reducing their weight. A logical step: Less weight means less input material and waste and thus provides a way to reduce production costs. 

Stronger than steel
Woven tape fabric has a high tensile strength – a polypropylene tape is even stronger than a piece of construction steel of the same size. This is what makes the PP*STAR® bag unique: A 15 kg sack of pet food “survives” a drop from more than 6 meters height because the woven tape fabric combined with the BOPP film provides it with extraordinary stability. And the use of glue ensures that the closure does not burst open even under severe strain.

Perfect shelf display
The use of OPP film allows allover printing of the bag, including the bottom. The reverse printed OPP film protects the print against scratching and abrasion during handling and ensures a long-lasting attractive look.

Cutting the edge in material saving
Due to the step-cut pattern the material is used very efficiently and only minimum waste occurs. The use of glue allows to reduce the fabric thickness, and, compared to sewn sacks, 4 % less material is needed to form a tight and reliable closure.

No leaking, no humidity intake
The pinch closure is tighter than a sewn closure – there are no stitches where the fat can leak through. It also makes the PP*STAR® bags tamper-proof and avoids undesired re-utilization of the bags. The OPP lamination provides a good humidity barrier – no polyethylene inliner is required for sensitive goods.

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