Pinch bottom bags in one go

From the fabric roll to finished PP*STAR® bags in a one-up operation:
The automatic pp*starKON pinch bottomer converts flat fabric directly into pinch bottom bags. A range of individually adjustable bag features give bag producers more flexibility and allow them to cater to a wide market.

The pp*starKON conversion line has been developed with a focus on flexibility, high productivity and a material saving, efficient production process. It converts flat fabric into open-mouth pinch bottom bags with a back seam, side gussets and different options for the pinch top. The compact design and special machine features like Easy-Open, laser cutting, and turning unit make it stand out from the others on the market.

PP*STAR® on existing filling lines? No problem!
Existing filling technology such as common open-mouth filling lines can easily be adapted to PP*STAR® bags. For closing, modified regular pinch bag closing lines are perfectly suitable. The heat sealing of the pinch top in the course of the filling process is quick and clean and guarantees secure closure against external agents.


3 things that do the trick

The use of glue, laser cutting and the Easy-Open feature make the PP*STAR® bag stand out from the pack.

Why glue?

A chain is only as strong as its weakest member. In a bag, the weakest point is usually the area where it is folded and bonded together – the top, the bottom, the back seam. Glue – or hotmelt in case of PP*STAR® – is the strongest bonding agent of all because it does not damage the base material like sewing or high-temperature welding.

  • Higher Strength: hotmelt increases the strength of a bag by more than 60 %.
  • High machine speed: the application of the hotmelt is not limited to any speed.
  • Reduced production costs: compact machine, only one production step – 40 % reduction of personnel 
  • More flexibility: glue can be used on any type of bag material, also different fabric weights and surface materials are possible. Even non-sealable materials like OPP with a high coefficient of friction (COF) or OPET, which provide an additional oxygen barrier, can be bonded with glue.
  • Attractive look: full utilization of the printing area for perfect shelf presentation; OPP film maintains its glossiness; no shrinking of the material; no heat resistant ink required 
  • Reliable sealing: adhesives have been in use in the packaging industry for years – a lot of experience exists on the market 

Easy-Open: be different!

How can bag producers distinguish their product from the others on the market? By choosing a different material and a special opening feature – like PP*STAR® Easy-Open. It fully meets market requirements as 80 % of pet food bags are opened and emptied in one go. The Easy-Open label can be customised to create individual shapes for specific bag designs. In addition, Easy-Open is the most cost-effective one-time opening solution for this type of packaging.

Flexibility on all levels – laser cutting

Processing different materials with varying thicknesses? No problem with laser cutting: It allows to process a wide range of materials, offering converters greatest possible product flexibility. Settings and handling of the laser cutting system are easy: continuous adjustment is possible without interrupting production, and it can cut many different shapes. There are no downtime and costs for tool change, it is maintenance-free and does not require any set-up time – just choose the desired recipe on the machine control. 

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