woven*FFS® - The innovative opportunity for your high quality industrial sacks

Traditionally, woven plastic bags stand for toughness, impact, and tear resistance, and are used in the fertilizer, building and food/pet food industry.

This new concept combines woven fabric with FFS packaging line technology, offering an innovative solution to the industry.
The innovation by Dow, Haver & Boecker and Starlinger makes it possible to apply an ELITE™ resin coating from Dow, to the woven fabric, rendering it sealable. This technology can therefore be used on the cost effective Form, Fill and Seal packaging lines in replacement of incumbent paper bags, polyethylene (PE) film bags or even stitched bags.

The state of the art woven*FFS® bags can provide a high toughness packaging solution with lower weight. Depending on the specific application, it has shown a weight reduction of up to 50% compared to incumbent solutions. It also allows for excellent printing and ease of recycling.


  • Downgauging
  • High quality printing
  • Fast filling
  • High mechanical properties
  • Clean packaging environment
  • Improved product packaging performance: barrier to moisture, aromas, vermin infestation
  • Hermetic bag


The woven*FSS® technology is suitable for

  • sugar
  • rice
  • fertilizers
  • chemicals
  • pet food
  • and numerous other end applications.

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