Circular loom - FX 6.0

What’s the IQ of your loom?

Is this about measuring the intelligence of a machine? Almost.
The Indicator of Quality (IQ) is a benchmark that Starlinger & Co. GmbH introduced together with the new FX 6.0 circular loom series.

The new FX 6.0 series has an IQ of 350 meters.

This benchmark figure indicates the meters produced on a loom divided by the number of warp breaks. The Indicator of Quality serves as a means of evaluating and comparing the loom performance and fabric quality. In this case it means that a warp break on the FX 6.0 occurs on average only every 350 fabric meters, while conventional looms on the market have warp breaks every 80 - 120 m.


  • Indicator of Quality (IQ) of 350
  • Optimised weaving technology
  • Production speed up to 1200 ppm *
  • High efficiency > 90% *
  • Fabric width tolerance ± 4mm *
  • Wear and tear resistant
  • Sensor for weft tape end
  • Warp break detection system
  • Outstanding fabric quality from 50 to 120 g/m2
  • Weft tape width up to 6 mm **
  • Oil-free fabric for high coating adhesion and food-safe products **
  • Large warp and weft tape packages
  • Energy-saving AC drives

* based on AD*STAR® quality standard
** depending on tape quality, reed version, fabric width and density

Technical Data

Indicator of Quality (IQ) 350
Working width, doubleflat 300 - 850 mm
No. of tapes 588 / 672
Shuttles/machine 6 pcs
Weft insertion* 1200 ppm
Warp/weft core inside diameter ** 35 mm
Warp/weft length of core ** 218 mm
Warp bobbin diameter (max.) 180 mm
Weft bobbin diameter (max.) 115 mm
Winding roll diameter (max.) 1200 mm
* depending on weaving construction, fabric, and quality of tapes
** special versions on request

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