Circular loom - FX 8.0

The FX 8.0 circular loom offers high-speed weaving of heavy-duty and flat fabrics in perfect production quality. This model of the FX circular loom series is designed for weaving fabric out of PP, HDPE and PET tapes and achieves an IQ (Indicator of Quality) unmatched by comparable looms. 

The newly constructed reed does not require lubrication, allowing the production of fabrics for food packaging.


  • Production speed up to 850 ppm*
  • Low fabric width variations ± 7mm
  • High efficiency > 70%
  • Weft tape width up to 6 mm
  • Outstanding fabric quality from 50 to 140 g/m2 resp. 55 to 220 g/m2 (260 g/m2)**
  • Energy-saving components / 7 kW*
  • Significant material savings
  • Reduced noise level
  • Oil free reed and shuttle design
  • Large warp and weft tape packages
  • Increased lifetime of machine parts

* depending on tape quality, fabric width and density ** on special request

Technical Data

Working width, doubleflat 1200 - 1750 mm
No. of tapes* 1680
Shuttles/machine 8 pcs
Weft insertion* 850 ppm
Warp/weft core inside diameter ** 35 mm
Warp/weft length of core ** 218 mm
Warp bobbin diameter (max.) 180 mm
Weft bobbin diameter (max.) 120 mm
Winding roll diameter (max.) 1200 mm
* depending on weaving construction, fabric, and quality of tapes
** special versions on request

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