Circular looms - leno & leno plus

Circular woven leno sacks for fruits and vegetables – another product concept developed by Starlinger which went on to become a worldwide standard. The smooth surface of the open mesh leno fabric protects the delicate surface of the fruits.

leno plus

Combines the advantages of standard and leno weave in a single sack concept: The leno plus sack is an open mesh weave for maximum breathability, with a closed weave section allowing printing in top quality for a new type of high grade leno bag.


  • Production speed of 360 ppm*
  • Efficiency above 92 %*
  • Wear and tear resistant
  • Oil-free fabric for food-safe products*

* depending on tape quality and fabric size

Technical Data

Working width, doubleflat 250 - 800 mm
No. of tapes 576
Shuttles/machine 4 pcs
Weft insertion* 360 ppm
Warp/weft core inside diameter * 35 mm
Warp/weft length of core * 218 mm
Warp bobbin diameter (max.) 160 mm
Weft bobbin diameter (max.) 115 mm
Winding roll diameter (max.) 1200 mm
* depending on weaving construction, fabric, and quality of tapes

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