Conversion line - multiKON KX

The multiKON KX is a high-performance conversion line that operates with the innovative IC*STAR® technology. It cuts and seals coated, uncoated, OPP-laminated, printed and unprinted endless tubular PP fabric in a continuous, fabric-saving process, producing high-quality IC*STAR® sacks that feature low fabric weight and high closure strength.

The conversion line is equipped with the sealTEC bottom closure module, jointly developed by Starlinger and STATEC BINDER. Instead of a sewing unit, the IC*STAR concept features a welding device which, in a continuous process, welds a coated sealing band onto the sack bottom by means of hot air - no glue is required. The mouth of the sack remains open and can be closed, after filling on the filling line, either by welding with another sealing band or by sewing.

The sealTEC module requires less maintenance than a sewing machine and needs considerably fewer replacements of spares and wearing parts. Both coated and uncoated IC*STAR sacks can be produced by this new method in an efficient and material-saving process.


  • Hot air sealing unit sealTEC
  • Very high closure strength
  • Operating speed up to 45 sacks per minute*
  • Fabric weight reduction
  • Minimized bottom folding for fabric saving
  • Precise cutting length for fabric saving
  • Production of transparent sacks
  • Modular design
  • Operator-friendly

* Based on sack size 500x1000 mm (coated) and quality of fabric and fabric roll

Technical Data

Roll diameter for trolley (max.) 1500 mm
Coated/uncoated cloth width (max.) 250 - 850 mm
Sack length 450 - 1450 mm
Production data for sacks 500 x 1000 mm:
IC*STAR® sacks, coated/uncoated fabric up to 45 bags/min
* Based on sack size 500 x 1000 mm (coated) and depending on quality of fabric and fabric roll

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