Pinch-Bottom-Bag Conversion line - pp*starKON

The PP*STAR® concept, featuring side gussets and pinch bottom, is produced on the pp*starKON, the world’s first pinch bottom bag conversion line for woven PP.
The pp*starKON processes flat fabric into open-mouth pinch bottom bags with side gussets and a stepped cut. The pinch bottom is closed inline with a special glue, while on the pinch top reactive glue is pre-applied. This allows fast and clean sealing during the filling process. The heat-sealing guarantees good closure against external agents.
The PP*STAR® can be supplied with different opening features. The PP*STAR® bag length ranges from 500 – 1070 mm and the bag width is anywhere between 250 and 480 mm.


Laser cutting: flexibility on all levels

  • works with many different material types and thicknesses
  • settings can be adjusted during production; many different cutting shapes possible
  • no downtime/costs for tool change, maintenance-free, no set-up time – just choose the desired recipe on the machine control
  • Reliable operation

Glue: strong and reliable

  • increased strength
  • attractive appearance because of full utilization of the printed area
  • increased flexibility, especially regarding possible fabric types and weights
  • reduced material thickness, higher productivity

Easy-Open: be different!

  • Shape/position freely customizeable
  • Production of Easy-Open strip at full machine speed
  • Low cost: Easy-Open is the most cost-effective one-time opening solution for this type of packaging.

Technical Data

Machine speed (max.)* 120 bags/min.
Bag face width 250 - 480 mm (10 - 19")
Repeat length 500 - 1070 mm (20 - 42")
Gusset width * 50 - 200 mm (2 - 8")
Flat fabric width 600 - 1400 mm (24 - 55")
* depending on bag design

Additional Features

Turning unit For folding the closed bottom either to the front or to the back of the bag
Direct ventilation Mechanical microperforation < 50 μm, Laser perforation < 250 μm
Indirect ventilation Laser perforation (labyrinth ventilation)

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