Mixing and dosing unit - graviTEC

Not just a gravimetric mixing and dosing unit, a material supply system! All materials and controls are within arm’s reach of the operator as the unit doses, blends and transports the main material and up to five additives to the extruder hopper. Accurate dosing and a homogenous batch save raw materials and produce better tapes.


  • Accurate dosing results in material savings
  • Dosing units for main component and additives
  • Filling of dosing units from the ground
  • Stand-alone version
  • Material handling and tape extrusion line from one supplier
  • Interface for plant monitoring system

Technical Data

Charge size (max.) 10 kg
No. of main components (max.) 1
No. of additives (max.) 5
Capacity (max.) 750 kg/h
Accuracy/Batch and component 0.02 %

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