Precision cross winders - linTAPE

The linTAPE precision winders offer cost-efficient winder technology for the production of perfectly wound high-quality bobbins.
High-efficiency drives and frequency converters, as well as low maintenance and raw material usage help to reduce production costs and CO2 emissions in modern woven sack plants.
The semi-automatic easyDOFFING system facilitates safe and easy operation.


  • Easier handling with semi-automatic easyDOFFING
  • Lubrication-free traverse system
  • Newest frequency converter technology with PLUG & PLAY function
  • Specially developed high-efficiency drives
  • New HMI (Human Machine Interface) for easy operation with remote control and fault tracking system
  • Central setting of the winding tension
  • High safety standards and CE certification
  • Simple maintenance
  • Reduced waste
  • Higher efficiency on looms

Technical Data

Tape width 1.8* - 6* mm
Tape material PP/HDPE
Tape tension control centrally adjustable
Tape tension range (electronically controlled) 30-350 g
Winding speed (max.) 600 m/min
Traverse length 180-210 mm
Denier range 400 - 3000 den
* Smaller or bigger tape width are possible on request

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