Cross winders - twinTAPE 200LX

A perfect woven sack starts with the perfect bobbin: The twinTAPE 200LX precision cross winders produce the high-quality bobbins needed for trouble-free fabric production with higher efficiency and more output.

High-tech engineering for maximum flexibility and low maintenance
The twinTAPE 200LX operates with cores of 35 mm internal diameter and achieves a working speed of up to 600 m/min. With the newly developed and patented traverse system the traverse stroke can be set variably, thus no extra parts are required when the bobbin design is changed. Automatic bobbin change after reaching the predetermined winding length saves manpower and ensures the production of tape bobbins with equal running length. The new graphical human-machine-interface facilitates intuitive navigation and allows the saving of individual tape parameters in the recipes store.

Bevelled bobbins for better tape protection
A new feature are the bevelled edges of the bobbins produced on twinTAPE winders: This protects the tapes from damage during transport and handling (fraying, splicing) and avoids that tapes get loose and start to come off – an improvement which saves both waste and working time. Undamaged tapes also account for less warp and weft breaks during weaving, which results in fewer machine stops, less work for the operator and, again, less waste.


  • Excellent changeover reliability (> 99.8 %)
  • Lubrication-free traverse system
  • Newest frequency converter technology with PLUG & PLAY function
  • Specially developed high-efficiency drives
  • New HMI (Human Machine Interface) for easy operation with remote control and fault tracking system
  • Central setting of the winding tension
  • High safety standards and CE certification
  • Integrated engineering for longer lifetime
  • Simple maintenance
  • Reduced labour costs
  • Reduced waste
  • Higher efficiency on looms

Technical Data

Tape width 1.8* - 6* mm
Tape material PP/HDPE
Tape tension control centrally adjustable
Tape tension range 30-350 g
Winding speed (max.) 600 m/min
Traverse length 180-210 mm
Denier range 400 - 3000 den
* Smaller or bigger tape width are possible on request

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