FIBC testing equipment - stacoTEST 300

stacoTEST 300 has been specially designed for testing procedures for which the bag is suspended on its top and for the cyclic charge of FIBCs having one, two or four lifting loops. The machine is appropriate for testing the conformity to international standards such as DIN EN 1898, EFIBCA STANDARDS 03/04/05, the new European and ISO Standards, UN specifications, British Standards BS 6382 and French Standards FN H34-012.

Technical Data

Tensile load Container with 1 or 2 lifting loops (max.) 159 kN (16.2 t)
Compression load Container with 4 lifting loops (max.) 196 kN (20 t)
Height of bag (max.) 2.5 m
Filling capacity of bag (max.) 3 m³
Filling time for 1 m³ 3 min

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