Tape compactor - compSTAR

This integrated material handling solution facilitates the tape production process by removing and compacting broken tapes and tape scrap. The endless tapes are sucked into the container, cut and pushed towards the heated channel where they melt and are compressed into blocks. Compared to endless tapes, the blocks are a lot easier to handle and reduce production and recycling costs.
The blocks are optionally recycled with our recoSTAR universal line. This equipment can handle hard-to-grind material by the ACTIVE shredder / extruder combination.

Technical Data

Capacity up to 120 kg/h
Heating capacity 10 kW
Volume reduction up to 90%
Block size 220 x 220 mm*
Density of block for PP: 200 - 400 kg/m³
for PE: 200 - 550 kg/m³
for PET: 250 - 600 kg/m³
Connected load 45 kVA
* adjustable length up to 1200 mm; all data depending on design

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