Second Hand Machinery

The following second hand machines are being offered by our customers (please contact the offering party directly):

1 x lamiTEC MX08.04.2021
  • 1 x coating line lamiTEC MX
  • Built: 2020
  • Operating hours: 310h
  • Options:
    • voluTEC 
    • Edge Sensor for transparent fabric 
    • Corona pretreating system with ceramic electrodes 
    • Microperforation 
    • S-RSR Auto Scrap recycling system
    • OPP double unwinding 
    • Transition with rotating frames 
    • Crone for additional substrates 
    • Register Control System 
  • Price (ex works): EUR 460,000.-

Current location: 
Contact: Franz STEINER, E:

240 x linTAPE winders08.04.2021
  • 240 x linTAPE winders
  • built: 2017
  • operating hours: 22,720h
  • Price (ex works): EUR 220,000.-

Current location: 
Contact: Franz STEINER, E:

2 x ad*starKON 6007.03.2018
  • 2 x conversion line ad*starKON 60
  • Machine 1: operating hours: 2256876, total bags: 82979394
  • Machine 2: operating hours: 2284241, total bags: 79505931

Current location: INDIA
Contact: J.K. Sons Engineers Pvt. Ltd., T: 0091-7752-221567


Parties interested in our customers’ second hand machinery are hereby notified that Starlinger & Co. GmbH. (Starlinger) is merely the provider of a forum where our customers may offer second hand machines.
Any contractual agreement pertaining to the said machines is concluded solely between our customer and the interested party, without further involvement on Starlinger’s part.
Technical data on second hand machinery are provided entirely by the offering party.
Starlinger accepts no responsibility for the accuracy of the technical data or for the condition or function of the machinery offered.
Furthermore, Starlinger accepts no responsibility for any damage resulting from the failure of any offering party and respective interested parties to reach an agreement concering the sale of the second hand machinery.