We live innovation

Being an innovative European industrial company for mechanical engineering and process technology, we owe our technological leadership status to our focus on application-oriented solutions.
As a business unit of Starlinger, we set standards in the field of recycling machines for thermoplastics and specialise in applications such as film, PET flakes, fibre and nonwoven, woven bags, and numerous specialities.

What sets us apart

  • Flexible, modular lines - meeting varying regional requirements

  • Individually tailored, market-based solutions

  • Reaching goals in person-to-person teamwork 

  • Branches, partnerships, travel worldwide

Our customers are as diverse as their recycling requirements are varied. And the global market hands us changing, growing challenges that only a competent and highly motivated team can meet.

Our technically skilled sales team maintains close contact with customers and takes on the role of partner in joint solution-finding. Innovative techniques and individual solutions are our keys to success. Technical departments bring together experts from fields such as engineering, design and development, process technology, electrical engineering and software. For the customer, what counts most is system  availability and production efficiency. These are the responsibility of our globally active service team, which also commissions newly delivered lines and trains customers’ operators.
As a multinational and multilingual team, we keep in touch directly in our customers‘ own languages.

Starlinger recycling technology

Starlinger recycling technology offers a spectrum of innovative machinery solutions for the efficient recycling of a variety of plastics, such as PE and PP, PET, PA, PS, PLA, PMMA, and many more. 
Starlinger’s Recycling Division, founded in 2002, is the company’s second eldest field of endeavour. Yet thanks to entirely new recycling technologies and proven machine concepts, Starlinger’s product line recoSTAR quickly asserted its place in the market and has become a global and leading player in the field of plastics recycling.