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Sustainability is everybody‘s task - and needs leaders with a vision. With our business unit recycling technology we are connecting ecological necessity with economic opportunity through innovative technology.

Join us for a look at our business unit:

We at Starlinger recycling technology have been globally oriented from the start. Plastics are processed everywhere, and many countries have collection and reuse programs for production and post-consumer waste.
The concern is universal, the needs of each recycler absolutely individual.
Proximity to customers and their markets, comprehensive process knowhow, modular equipment design and the ability to offer special solutions have made us the worldwide ‘partner of choice’ in recycling.

Manufacturing turnkey plants for woven plastic sacks, Starlinger textile packaging soon faced issues of production waste and its reuse. By developing and marketing recycling lines, we at recycling technology enhance the ecological and economical sustainability of our customers. Innovation has become a way of life, as close touch with the market drives the development of high-quality products and new technologies that further our customers‘ success. We support customers with comprehensive knowledge and experience, both technological and with regard to markets and applications. As a result, we are able to develop, finance, implement and service complete projects.

In keeping with our emphasis on research and development, we foster and challenge our highly motivated and internationally active employees, whom we consider our company‘s finest assets. Transparency and confidence characterise our relations with suppliers and other partners. As a family-owned enterprise established in 1835, we place a high value on long-term success for our company and those with whom we do business.

Our customers are as diverse as their recycling requirements are varied.
We are backed by decades of worldwide experience in marketing, engineering and servicing recycling lines. This extra measure of customer-orientation enables us to develop our lines with varying regional requirements in mind -- including differences in polymers, additives, production processes, throughput quantities and industries. As a multinational and multilingual team, we keep in touch directly in our customers‘ own languages.


1987: Recycling line ‘Indumat’ for woven PP sacks developed

1991: Product group expanded; vented extruder introduced

1997: Type ‘Universal’ developed and launched with cold extruder feeding

1999: Post-consumer scrap-to-product recycling line ‘Intrustar’ developed

2001: Product group ‘recoSTAR’ for all thermoplasts and waste types launched

2002: Reorganisation as business unit ‘recycling technology’; first recoSTAR supplied for in-line edge trim recycling

2003: Installation of recoSTAR basic for PET multi-filament production scrap, recoSTAR universal for non-woven production scrap, recoSTAR PET for preforms

2004: FDA letter of non-objection; first recoSTAR PET 125 iV+ for food-contact rPET installed

2006: Assembly hangar for all recoSTAR lines completed

2010: First complete project including washing line engineered and installed

2012: Global references for experience with a multitude of diverse applications; 
25 years of Starlinger recycling lines

2013: Launch of the vacuum module C-VAC for the post consumer market respectively heavily printed film

2015: Introduction of the product group recoSTAR dynamic and rECO seal for higher output and outstanding energy efficiency

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