Recycling Fibre & Non-Woven

Amongst other industries, fibre and non-woven production is under tight competition, pushing for cost efficiency. Primary resin is a considerable cost factor in the production process. Although zero scrap in production is the goal, it is not entirely possible. Consequently recycling of production scrap considerably contributes to competitiveness. At the same time environmental consciousness and resource conservation call for recycling but quality requirements in the industry are very high. Thus the challenge is to provide equipment handling a variety of in-house production scrap with different characteristics whilst ensuring that regranulate even in a high proportion does not negatively influence the production process.

Production scrap happens throughout the process chain, from start-up scrap to off-spec material and conversion scrap. During the production process additives, e.g. finishing oils, are applied which can influence the material during the recycling process. Other additives might be required for later use, e.g. flame retardant. During material handling and storage, the scrap can get wet and contaminated. Finally the recycling material can be one type of plastic or a mixture of materials. To separate the components of polymer mixtures such as PES/PE or polymer/cellulose compounds, special filtration is applied. Certain viscosities pose a challenge during pelletisation.

Recycling into pellets with excellent flow characteristics is required as production scrap comes in different shapes. Right choice of equipment after having analysed the characteristics of input material as well as process know-how enable production of high value regranulate improving cost efficiency and stability of the primary production process.

Flexibility through modular design:
Three different types of lines are offered to recycle fibre, textile or non-woven scrap. Depending on properties of input material and requirements, pre-treatment and down-stream equipment is chosen. Optionally, a vacuum SSP reactor provides adjustable IV increase and removal of released spin finish.

recoSTAR dynamic is the perfect choice for hygroscopic and humid material due to the cutting and preheating in the SMART feeder.

recoSTAR universal allows processing of fibres, filaments and non-wovens in the ACTIVE shredder without pre-cutting; only preportioning to fit conveyor belt dimensions is required.

recoSTAR PET processes pre-ground material, allowing the use of PET post-consumer bottle flakes as an alternative, cost-effective input material.

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