From waste to secondary resource with the right recycling equipment

In an era of soaring raw material prices, high quality re-granulate becomes a cost-saving alternative to virgin material.
Recycling of production and post-consumer waste means adapting to continual changes in incoming materials. Engineering must also take into account potential uses of the recycled product. This poses challenges not only for the line itself, but above all for us as developers and suppliers of innovatively designed plants.

How does a project start?

Scrap from either production and / or waste collected after use should be transformed into a valuable secondary resource. Decades of research and development paired with process experience and closeness to the market has led to a comprehensive product range. All kinds of thermoplasts (such as PE and PP, PET and PES, PA, PS, PLA, PMMA) and its mixtures, blends or compounds need to be processed. A full range of forms (from fluffy film to hard to grind start-up lumps), humidity and contamination with foreign particles have to be handled. Finally, goal is not only pelletising – the regranulate should be usable up to 100 % in another production process.

Our range of lines has specific characteristics, but the main features are the same. All lines are of modular design thus depending on input material customer can choose from a variety of modules which then can be even modified for special requirements. Innovative solutions enhance flexibility which is required considering an ever changing market that is in terms of input material and re-application. For low manpower requirement, we feature e.g. improved accessibility for maintenance, touch screen and visualisation, one-button start-stop, in-line quality control tools, and much more. We design to meet low energy requirement. In summary, all our efforts support the idea of sustainability.

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