Recycling line - recoSTAR direct

The recoSTAR direct has been specially designed for recycling medium and large quantities of heavy regrind materials (> 300 g/l) such as PE, PP, PS, PA and PC.

From a feeding hopper, the material is transported directly into the extruder by a screw conveyor without being precut or compressed. The rate of material feeding is controlled automatically by the load on the extruder motor. The system is designed so that overloading and underloading are avoided.
Solid foreign substances are filtered by a continuous melt filter available with or without backflushing system. Depending on the type and quantity of the material the line can be equipped with a water ring, strand or underwater pelletising system.

The particular advantage of the recoSTAR direct is that no heating or other treatment of the material is necessary before extrusion. A clear and easy-to-use touch screen ensures a comfortable starting and stopping process and operation of the line.The recoSTAR direct series comprises five machine sizes which together cover an output range of 130 – 1200 kg/h. Each machine can be equipped with degassing, high vacuum, backflushing filter and any one of three pelletising systems.

Technical Data

Output* 130 - 1200 kg/h
Energy consumption 0.25 - 0.35 kWh/kg
Extruder screw diameter (L/D) 65(24;40) - 165(24;40) mm
Extruder AC drive 45 - 315 kW
* depends on extruder dimensions and the material to be processed

Process description

The recycling line recoSTAR direct comprises the following process steps:

  1. Feeding of material from a hopper by a screw conveyor
  2. Feeding to a single screw extruder
  3. Degassing to purify the melt of volatile contaminants
  4. Filtration of melt without backflushing
  5. Filtration of melt with backflushing
  6. Filtration of melt with backflushing (discontinuous)
  7. Filtration of melt without backflushing (discontinuous)
  8. Water ring pelletising
  9. Underwater pelletising
  10. (Automatic) Strand pelletising
  11. Storage silo

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