Customer Service Center

Starlinger’s dedicated and knowledgeable service staff is without a doubt one of your top advantages as a Starlinger customer.
Our people’s specialised training, along with their practical know-how and team spirit, allow them to concentrate on offering you, the customer:

  • Cost-effective support tailored to your needs
  • Quick action to ensure the reliable performance of your STARLINGER plant
  • Analysis and trouble-shooting
  • Systematic training
  • On-site assistance
  • Processing of technical inquiries
  • Maintenance and performance optimisation
  • Prompt supply of spare parts



Customer Service Center:

Starlinger & Co Gesellschaft m.b.H.
Hauptstraße 43
2564 Weissenbach, Austria

T: +43 2674 800
F: +43 2674 86128
F: +43 2674 800809
E: service[at]