Installation: we are system partners.

As the complexity of the sack production process increases, the importance of careful implementation increases too.
Therefore, professional pre-sale and after-sale service has a more and more important role to play.

Our system partnership with our customers begins with service.
At Starlinger, more than 80 people are employed in customer service.

We sell projects.

A purchase from Starlinger is not just a purchase of machinery: it’s the purchase of a project. Our relationship with our customers goes far beyond the fulfilment of the supply contract. We set up the project, install it, and train the operating staff in best operating procedures, with the aim of achieving and maintaining optimum production.

Satisfaction of our customers: a privilege to be earned from day to day.


Customer Service Center:

Starlinger & Co Gesellschaft m.b.H.
Hauptstraße 43
2564 Weissenbach, Austria

T: +43 2674 800
F: +43 2674 86128
F: +43 2674 800809
E: service[at]