XMesh - simply the better solution!

XMesh is a worldwide patented mesh that is produced and sold by Starlinger (under license). The mesh can be used as a packaging net or as a protective net. Other areas of application are films, nonwovens or paper.
Due to its patented design, XMesh offers a significant weight reduction as well as cost savings when compared to conventional nets.

Material and cost savings

Here’s a real-life example:

When packaging 1.5 – 3 kg of fruit, potatoes or onions, companies often use extruded nets with a surface weight of 55g/m² and a sleeve made of laminated BOPP/PE film with 60 - 80µ. The transition to XMesh with a surface weight of 16g/m² results in material savings of 70.9% for each net.

Since the XMesh tapes are stretched, their strength is increased by a factor of 3.5.

Due to the good sealing ability of XMesh, a PE mono-material with 50 µ can be used for the sleeve, allowing for further material savings. 

The total packaging weight of an extruded net for 2 kg potatoes is 15.02 g.

The XMesh solution brings this weight down to 7.06 g.

This translates into potential savings of 7,960 kg in plastics for 1,000,000 nets.

Technical Data of XMesh

Material PE, Green PE, PP, PET
Surface weight 10 – 35 g/m²
Colours transparent, white, lemon, corn, orange, red, green, blue, black
Roll width 100 – 1500 mm
Roll length up to 7,000 m

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