Starlinger - Material Supply graviTEC

textile packaging MATERIAL SUPPLY graviTEC newly designed gravimetric batch blender, precise dosing and mixing of granulate, material saving, highly automated, easy-to-handle design, all-in-one concept

1450 mm 3440 mm 1550 mm 2363 mm 1450 mm 3440 mm 1550 mm 2363 mm Dosing units for main material and five additives Weighing and mixing station – designed to achieve superior blend homogeneity, saving of raw material graviTEC Advantages • A ccurate dosing results in material savings • D osing units for main component and additives • F illing of dosing units from the ground • S tand-alone version • M aterial handling and tape extrusion line from one supplier • I nterface for plant monitoring system We reserve the right to technical modifications. DPR-24151-08V Starlinger Head Office Sonnenuhrgasse 4 1060 Vienna, Austria T: + 43 1 59955-0, F: -25 Starlinger & Co Gesellschaft m.b.H. A member of Starlinger Group Technical Data graviTEC Charge size (max.) 10 kg No. of main components (max.) 1 No. of additives (max.) 5 Capacity (max.) 750 kg/h Accuracy / batch and component 0.02 %