Starlinger - Tape Extrusion Line starEX 800

textile packaging TAPE EXTRUSION LINE starEX 800 outstanding tape extrusion technology, highly flexible product range, energy-saving state-of-the-art design, versatile use, high economic efficiency

TAPE EXTRUSION LINE starEX 800 State-of-the-art extrusion unit with static melt mixer, automatic filter and flat die. The optimized film take-up with nip roller and water aspiration for low and high denier tapes allows production speeds of up to 520 meters per minute. Modular designed stretching and annealing sections with godet diameter of 350 mm. Energy-saving gearless drive system. smartTRONIC touch screen control unit of the line. Easy-to-handle industry computer with data storage, alarm report, fault indication, service intervals, and many other features. The starEX 800 is specially designed for the extrusion of PP or HDPE/LLDPE tapes. It achieves a highly efficient performance in versatile applications at premium quality and lowest cost. The main applications are tapes for woven bags, FIBC fabrics, geo- and agrotextiles, carpet backing, and various other technical applications.

textile packaging Advantages • Production speed of 520 m/min (ES)* • Melting capacity of 450 kg/h (ES) • Processing of HDPE and LLDPE • High-quality lightweight tapes • High-tenacity tapes • Customized execution • Modular design Machines pictured may include equipment sold as options. starEX 800 S ES S ES Granulate feeding and volumetric 3-component dosing/mixing unit l l Stretching section with 6 godets, incl. heating unit l l Film take-off with two drives and vibration drying unit m l Vacuum tape extraction system incl. collection container l l Automatic filter l l Hot air oven, length 5.8 m l l Static mixer l l Gravimetric dosing/mixing unit m m Flat die with reversible die lip l l Extruder E105.30D m l smartTRONIC control unit l l Special HDPE equipment m m Water quench tank with heat exchanger l l Extension module for stretching section m m Tape slitting unit l l Melt pump m m Holding unit l l Precision fibrillator with traverse motion unit m m Edge trim recycling and refeed system l l l standard m option * Depending on quality of raw material and additives MFR >4

Starlinger Head Office Sonnenuhrgasse 4 1060 Vienna, Austria T: + 43 1 59955-0, F: -25 Starlinger & Co Gesellschaft m.b.H. A member of Starlinger Group We reserve the right to technical modifications. DPR-24111-12U Technical Data starEX 800 S starEX 800 ES Die width 930 mm 930 mm Extruder E 90.30D E 105.30D Melting capacity (max.) 330 kg/h 450 kg/h Operating speed (max.) 420 m/min 520 m/min Vibration drying steps 1 2 19100 mm 3500 mm h = 3600 mm 4000 mm