Starlinger - Automatic Precision Cross Winder twinTAPE

AUTOMATIC PRECISION CROSS WINDER twinTAPE The twinTAPE automatic precision winders have been developed based on long-time experience and are designed to increase productivity, fabric quality and working conditions in a modern woven sack plant. A high degree of automatisation, high-efficiency drives and control units, low maintenance and optimum raw material usage reduce costs and CO 2 emissions. Control panel at the winding head for individual winder start/stop, manual changeover, and mandrel locking/unlocking. The inte- grated LEDs indicate the winder status. The patented traverse system features an infinitely variable stroke. Thus, no extra parts are required for change- over and special bobbin designs are possible. As no lubrication is needed, the maintenance work consists only in cleaning. The compact design allows to mount 15 winding heads per base frame (3 rows with 5 winders each). To pro- tect the automatic control sy- stem all electric and electro- nic components are hidden behind the solid base plate. The perfect bobbin features a slightly beveled edge. This new shape helps to reduce waste (no tapes coming off due to rough handling), increases the effici- ency of the looms and conse- quently also productivity. The new Human Machine Interface with state-of-the- art 5.7” graphical user inter- face allows to control, moni- tor and analyse the individual winders. In the recipe store the recipe for each produced tape with all parameters such as tape tension, tape width, stretching ratio, etc. can be saved.