Starlinger - Circular Loom FX 10.0

CIRCULAR LOOM F X 10.0 Heavy-duty weaving on a new level: The innovative reed design and enhanced key parts of the F X 10.0 ensure highest fabric quality and efficiency. The 10-shuttle loom produces endless tubular or flat fabric for heavy-duty applications such as big bags (FIBCs), tarpaulins, geotextiles and agrotextiles out of PP or HDPE and PET tapes. With a gentle, material-protecting weaving process the F X 10.0 achieves an IQ (Indicator of Quality) never seen before on an FIBC loom. Automatically controlled warp tension: The tension of the warp tapes can be adjusted on each side of the loom individually according to the weight of the fabric to be produced – this reduces fabric width variations to a minimum. Creel monitoring system: optional machine feature for easy warp bobbin change, low waste, and high efficiency. Frequency controlled main motor, haul-off and intake motors for highest production efficiency. The patented weft break detecting system monitors the continuous tape supply. In case of a weft break the haul-off speed is automatical- ly reduced in order to avoid a visible weft fault. The patented brake motor guarantees optimum fabric quality and less width variation by ensuring constant weft tension.