Starlinger - Circular Loom FX 6.1 (HD)

CIRCULAR LOOM F X 6.1 The F X 6.1 circular loom offers high-speed weaving of flat and also heavy duty fabrics in perfect production quality. This model of the FX circular loom series is designed for weaving fabric out of PP, HDPE and PET tapes and achieves an IQ (Indicator of Quality) unmatched by comparable looms. The newly constructed reed does not require lubrication, allowing the production of fabrics for food packaging. Automatically controlled warp tension: The tension of the warp tapes can be adjusted on each side of the loom individually according to the weight of the fabric to be produced – this reduces fabric width variations to a minimum. Frequency controlled motors in all machine components ensure highest production efficiency. The patented weft break detecting system monitors the continuous tape supply. In case of a weft break the haul-off speed is automatically reduced in order to avoid a visible weft fault. The patented brake motor guarantees optimum fabric quality and minimum width variations by ensuring constant weft tension.