Starlinger - Circular Loom RX 6.1

textile packaging Advantages • Production speed up to 920 ppm* • High efficiency > 85% • Wear and tear resistant • Outstanding fabric quality from 50 to 140 g/m 2 * 140 to 200 g/m 2 * with heavy duty version • Weft tape width up to 6 mm • Oil-free fabric for high coating adhesion and food-safe products* • Large warp and weft tape packages • Energy-saving AC drives • Low fabric width variations ± 5mm Machines pictured may include equipment sold as options. RX 6.1 Load cell controlled warp tension system l HDPE kit m Sensor for weft tape end l Hot cutting m Warp break detecting system l Ultrasonic cutting m Weft break detecting system (patented) l Unfolding device m Frequency controlled motors l 2 nd surface winder one above the other m Long-wearing ceramic parts l 2 nd surface winder one behind the other m Automatic weft cramming (patented) l 2 nd surface winder back to back m Wetting tubs l Bobbin handling system m Loom control l Heavy duty version m Ceramic insertion fingers l Warp tape monitoring system (patented) m CE conformity l l standard m option * depending on tape quality, fabric width and density