Starlinger - Circular Loom RX 8.2

CIRCULAR LOOM R X 8.2 Automatically controlled warp tension: The tension of the warp tapes can be adjusted individually on each side of the loom according to the weight of the fabric to be produced – this reduces fabric width variations to a minimum. Long-wearing ceramic segments guarantee long life, gentle tape handling and minimum intake friction. Automatic loom stop in case of blocked warp tapes helps to avoid tape rupture and adds to increased efficiency. Frequency-controlled main motor, haul-off and intake motors for optimized production efficiency. The patented weft stop motion system reduces the take-off speed if a weft tape break is detected. It also stops the loom before the weft bobbin runs empty and thus ensures easy bobbin change at the lowest possible waste rate. Heddle wire version with ceramic eyelets for increased lifetime, easy servicing and low spare part costs. Suited especially for the production of heavy-duty fabric. It’s simple maths: The product of the most successful heavy-duty circular loom on the market multiplied by the latest technology equals the R X 8.2 . The upgraded 8-shuttle loom produces endless tubular or flat fabric for heavy-duty applications such as big bags (FIBCs), tarpaulins, geotextiles and agrotextiles from PP, HDPE and PET tapes and achieves an IQ (Indicator of Quality) unmatched by comparable looms.