Starlinger - Circular Loom leno/leno plus

CIRCULAR LOOM leno/leno plus leno: 4-shuttle loom for the production of open mesh leno fabric used for pack- aging fruit and vegetables. The smooth surface of the leno fabric protects the deli- cate skin of the product. The leno plus combines the advantages of standard and leno weave in one machine: the surface of the standard weave section allows printing in top quality for a new type of high-grade leno bags. The patented weft stop motion system reduces the take-up speed in case a weft break is detected; it also stops the loom before the weft bobbin runs empty – this ensures easy bobbin change with the lowest possible waste rate. Special surface winder with tension control for per- fectly wound-up fabric rolls. The worldwide proven leno technology is specially designed to weave endless tubular leno fabric out of PP (HDPE) tapes and stands for excellent fabric quality and trouble-free handling.