Starlinger - Coating Line lamiTEC MX/LX/CX

COATING LINE lamiTEC M X, L X, C X Chill roll adjustable in two dimensions. Highly accurate fabric guiding and automatic neck-in control. Tension-controlled rewinding station with auto- matic roll change – rolls with a diameter of 1.5 m ensure high efficiency and low waste in all process steps. Newly designed safety equipment for secure process handling Extruder 90/33D, LX, CX Extruder 75/33D, MX new drive concept and newly designed die. Easy adjustment of Teflon tapes from the out- side of the machine Co-extruder 45/33D, CX only: advantageous flow channel geometry and excel- lent layer regularity. The lamiTEC series represents a new version of a high-level coating line. It combines newly designed technical features to coat and laminate endless tubular or flat fabric. The main applications are coated/laminated bags and technical fabric woven out of PP or HDPE.