Starlinger - Coating Line lamiTEC MX/LX/CX

textile packaging Advantages • Automatic roll change at speeds up to 220 m/min* (LX/CX) • Automatic roll change up to 30/150m/min* OPP (CX) • Automatic roll change up to 50m/min* (MX) • Line speed up to 250 m/min* (LX/CX) • Line speed up to 220 m/min* OPP (CX) • Line speed up to 220 m/min* (MX) • Higher extruder output by newly designed main and co-extruder of more than 500 kg/h* in total Machines pictured may include equipment sold as options. *  Depending on machine type fabric and roll quality ** Available exclusively from Starlinger • Edge trimming for coloured and transparent overcoating • Modular machine concept • Operator-friendly construction lamiTEC MX LX CX MX LX CX Suction feeder l – – graviTEC gravimetric dosing unit m m m voluTEC vacuum feeder and elliptic dosing unit m l l Microperforation unit m m m Automatic double unwinding unit with crane l l l Edge trimming for overcoating l – – Main extruder 75/33D l – – Single-RSR edge trim m l l Main extruder 90/33D – l l Single unwinding unit with crane m m l Main extruder 90/33D with melt pump – m m Double unwinding unit with crane m m m Co-extruder 45/33D – – l Two single unwinding units with crane m m m Co-extruder 45/33D with melt pump – – m Automatic web guiding and edge adjustment m m m Corona pretreating system with steel electrodes m l l Corona pretreating device with ceramic electrodes m m m Lamination unit with chill roll and hot air oven l l l Register control regiSTAR m m m Contact winder l l l Double-RSR edge trim m m m l standard m option add. substrate