Starlinger - Coating Line lamiTEC MX+/LX/CX

textile packaging COATING LINE lamiTEC MX+, LX, CX state-of-the-art coating and co-extrusion technology, new ergonomic and compact design, highly efficient inline lamination

COATING LINE lamiTEC MX+, LX, CX Melt-Pump: Achieves constant melt pressure inside the die much more efficiently, resulting in uniform coating thickness across the whole die width. Recommended with high levels of regrind or refeeding of edge trim due to volumetric differences of pellets and regrind. Adjustable chill roll: Alows adjustment in two dimensions. Highly accurate fabric guiding and automatic neck-in control. Extruder 90/33D: New drive concept and newly designed die. Spot-in-spot thickness measurement: Initially, the thickness of the flat fabric is measured. A second measurement takes place in the same spot after coating/lamination. The automatic die is regulated based on the thickness difference of both measurements to achieve uniform final material thickness. Co-extruder 45/33D (CX only): For laminating OPP/BOPP films. Ensures excellent adhesion between film and fabric. The lamiTEC series represents a new version of a high-level coating line. It combines newly designed technical features to coat and laminate endless tubular or flat fabric. The main applications are coated/laminated bags and technical fabric woven out of PP or HDPE.

textile packaging Advantages • A utomatic roll change at speeds up to 220 m/min* (LX/CX) • Automatic roll change at up to 50m/min* (MX+) • Automatic roll change at up to 30/150m/min* (OPP) • L ine speed of up to 280 m/min* (LX/CX) • L ine speed of up to 250 m/min* (MX+) • L ine speed of up to 250 m/min* (OPP) • H igher extruder output of newly designed main and co-extruder of more than 500 kg/h* in total Machines pictured may include equipment sold as options. *  Depending on machine type, fabric and roll quality • E dge trimming for coloured and transparent overcoating • M odular machine concept • Operator-friendly construction lamiTEC MX+ LX CX MX+ LX CX Suction feeder l – – Microperforation unit m m m voluTEC vacuum feeder and elliptic dosing unit m l l Edge trimming for overcoating l – – graviTEC gravimetric dosing unit m m m Single-RSR edge trim m l l Main extruder 90/33D l l l Double-RSR edge trim m m m Main extruder 90/33D with melt pump m m m Single unwinding unit with crane m m l Co-extruder 45/33D – – l Double unwinding unit with crane m m m Co-extruder 45/33D with melt pump – – m Crane for easy chill roll change and additional substrates m m m Automatic double unwinding unit with crane l l l Automatic web guiding and edge adjustment m m m Corona pretreating system with steel electrodes m l l Corona pretreating device with ceramic electrodes m m m Lamination unit with chill roll and hot air oven l l l Register control regiSTAR m m m Contact winder l l l l standard m option add. substrate

We reserve the right to technical modifications. DPR-24351-09V Starlinger Head Office Sonnenuhrgasse 4 1060 Vienna, Austria T: + 43 1 59955-0, F: -25 Starlinger & Co Gesellschaft m.b.H. A member of Starlinger Group Technical Data lamiTEC MX+ lamiTEC LX, CX Working width 720 mm 1500 mm Operating speed fabric (max.) 250 m/min* 280 m/min* Operating speed OPP (max.) 250m/min* 250m/min* Extruder A E 90.33D E 90.33D Melting capacity (max.) 420 kg/h 420 kg/h CO-EXTRUSION: not available lamiTEC CX Extruder B not available E 45.33D Melting capacity (max.) not available 115 kg/h * Depending on material quality 28000 mm 7800 mm h = 4900 mm Layout: coating line lamiTEC CX