Starlinger - Printing Line rollFLEX PX

The direct drive motor ensures highest precision during the printing process. As there is no gearing, maintanance work is signifi- cantly reduced. The rollFLEX PX is a roll-to-roll printing machine for coated and uncoated tubular PP tape fabric. It combines highest levels of productivity and quality with easy handling and low maintenance. PRINTING LINE rollFLEX P X The central machine and camera control unit features one state-of-the-art touch screen human machine interface (HMI) and guaran- tees safe and very comfortable monitoring of the printing process. The one- or two-side corona pre-treatment system ensures maximum printing adhesion. The process air is aspirated by an exhaust ventilation system. Chambered doctor blade system for highest printing quality with lowest ink consumption. Colour circulation station with pneumatically driven pumps, designed for easy colour change and cleaning. Option: Ink viscosity control unit for optimized production Option: Visual web inspection system