Starlinger - Conversion Line ad*starKON AX/AX+

ad*starKON A X, A X + - well proven conversion technology for economic and efficient valve bag production. It ensures cost-effective manufacturing without any compromise in performance and quality. High-precision bottom forming: Perfect sack geom- etry with the redesigned continuous bottom opening/ forming system. Quick format change is possible without changing any mechanical parts in this section. CONVERSION LINE ad*starKON A X, A X + The optional qualiSTAR II system checks the dimen- sions and geometry of each bag. It also detects if a valve patch has been inserted into the bag. Bags that are out of tolerance are separated and placed in the “B quality” bin, while "A quality" bags are precisely stacked on the new- ly designed stacking unit. Microperforation on a whole new level – with 30 % higher needle density, the new-generation microSTAR + perforation unit ensures that the bag is aerated efficiently. Virtually zero product emis- sion and minimal reduction of fabric strength. ecoSTART is the newly developed start-up manage- ment feature that helps to minimise the waste rate in the rare event of an unexpected machine stop. By means of an accelerated start-up process it recovers up to 80 % of the unfinished bags. AD*STAR ® *carry – the milestone in dry bulk packaging! Newly developed handle feature to produce AD*STAR ® *carry bags with handles. Attractive, conve- nient, cost-efficient.