Starlinger - Conversion Line ad*starKON HX

iMOVE – intelligent output optimization with the newly invented bag transportation system. An outstanding output of 140 bags/min can be achieved at comparatively low welding temperatures. iPATCH – the intelligent valve and cover patch ad- justment complements the sophisticated iSHAPE techno- logy: the machine automati- cally adjusts the patch length according to quality requirements. New easy-open feature for quick and easy emptying without the use of mechanical tools: the AD*STAR *easy is opened by pulling off a part that is welded to the bottom patch. iSHAPE – high-precision bottom geometry: in combination with the fabric width monitoring system, the patented bottom forming technology ensures perfectly formed and closed bags – rejects are reduced to a minimum. CONVERSION LINE ad*starKON HX The qualiSTAR system with dual stacking checks the dimensions and geometry of each bag. If a bag is out of tolerance, it is separated auto- matically. The produced bags are precisely stacked on the newly designed stacking unit with two conveyor belts for better accessibility. In a league of its own: The reinvented ad*starKON HX conversion line features revolutionary concepts like iMOVE, iSHAPE, iPATCH and other intelligent functions for precise, high-speed production of AD*STAR ® sacks with minimum waste and highest efficiency.