Starlinger - Conversion Line multiKON KX

Option: Punching unit for handles Cutting station with computer control panel and sack mouth opener Option: Print mark reading device and cold cutting unit Option: The multiKON KX can also be quickly equipped with a sewing machine if required. Option: Gussetting device for IC*STAR ® sacks with gussets The multiKON KX is a high-performance conversion line that operates with the innovative IC*STAR ® technology. It cuts and seals coated, uncoated, OPP-laminated, printed and unprinted endless tubular PP fabric in a continuous, fabric-saving process, producing high-quality IC*STAR ® sacks with or without gusset that feature low fabric weight and high closure strength. CONVERSION LINE multiKON K X sealTEC sealing unit: hot-air welding unit for folding and applying the sealing tape