Starlinger - Conversion Line multiKON KX servo

textile packaging CONVERSION LINE multiKON KX servo next generation high-speed hot-air sealing line, for coated and uncoated endless tubular fabric, IC*STAR® technology, with/without gusset and liner, easy-open closure, servo drive technology, focus on operator convenience, low wear and tear

Option: Gussetting device for IC*STAR® sacks with gussets. Also liner fabric can be processed. Sealing AND sewing on one line: For IC*STAR® sacks with gussets, the multiKON KXservo can also be quickly equipped with a sewing machine for gusset fixation. Easy-open sacks and sacks with handles: An easy-open tape and closing tape or carrying handles can be applied in the sewing process. Comparison bottom strength – coated fabric Sewn bags 1 stitch, single fold 2 stitch, double fold 100 % 75 % 50 % 25 % Comparison bottom strength – uncoated fabric Sewn bags 1 stitch, single fold 2 stitch, double fold 100 % 75 % 50 % 25 % Operator convenience: As easy to operate as a modern smartphone – the completely redesigned interface and machine software enables sensor adjustment, surveillance of the control cabinet, and comfortable handling of recipes and reports. The multiKON KXservo is the next generation of Starlinger’s high-performance IC*STAR® conversion lines. With a strong focus on operator convenience it converts coated, uncoated, OPP-laminated, printed and unprinted endless tubular PP fabric in a continuous, fabric-saving process. The produced high-quality IC*STAR® sacks can be with or without gusset and/or liner and feature low fabric weight and high closure strength. CONVERSION LINE multiKON KX servo sealTEC sealing unit: hot-air welding unit for folding and applying the sealing tape Servo drive technology: Allows changing the machine speed „on the fly“ without stopping. Referencing after an emergency stop is no longer necessary, wear and tear of the moving parts are significantly reduced.

textile packaging Machines pictured may include equipment sold as options. Advantages • Servo drive technology – ensures reduced wear and highest operator convenience • Hot-air sealing unit sealTEC • Very high closure strength • Increased output of up to 60 sacks per minute* • Fabric weight reduction • Bottom folding no longer required – significant fabric savings • Precise cutting length for fabricsaving operation • Production of transparent and OPP-laminated sacks • Modular design multiKON KX servo Hydraulic unwinding stand l Cold cutting knife l Weft cramming sensor m Mechanical chucks l Integrated bag mouth opener l Double folding unit m Band brake l Servo drives l Sewing unit m Fabric end detection l Touch screen control unit with new interface l Easy-open kit* m Edge guiding system l sealTEC sealing unit l Heavy-duty bottom-feed sewing machine* m Intake rollers l Counting and stacking device l Top-feed sewing machine* m Touch screen control unit l Pneumatic bale brake m Double-needle top-feed sewing machine* m Printmark reader l Perforation unit m Airconditioning for control cabinet m Hot cutting knife l Inline gusseting unit m l standard m option * only in combination with sewing kit * Based on sack size 500 x 1000 mm (coated) when welding, and depending on quality of fabric and fabric roll

5400 mm 5500 mm h = 1500 (2900) mm Technical Data multiKON KX servo Roll diameter for trolley (max.) 1500 mm Fabric width, coated/uncoated (min./max.) 250-850 mm Sack length 450-1450 mm Production data for sacks 500 x 1000 mm multiKON KX servo IC*STAR® sacks, coated/uncoated up to 60 sacks/min* Starlinger Head Office Sonnenuhrgasse 4 1060 Vienna, Austria T: + 43 1 59955-0, F: -25 Starlinger & Co Gesellschaft m.b.H. A member of Starlinger Group * Based on sack size 500 x 1000 mm (coated) when welding, and depending on quality of fabric and fabric roll We reserve the right to technical modifications. DPR-24641-09V