Starlinger - Conversion Line pp*starKON 2.0

strong up to 50 kg light weight eye catching laser cut The pp*starKON 2.0 has been designed to produce pinch bottom bags in a one-up operation, with a strong focus on high productivity and a material-saving production process. Individually adjustable features give bag producers great flexibility and allow them to cater to a wide market. Turning unit: The compact unit allows to produce bags with the sealed bottom folded either to the front or to the back side of the bag. The turning unit offers highest flexibility to satisfy all customer requirements. Laser cutting: Due to the step-cut pattern, the material is used very efficiently with only minimum waste. The laser works with many differ- ent material types and thick- nesses. Easy-Open feature: The innovative technology of the Starlinger Easy-Open system (patented) offers every flexibili- ty in terms of opening options – almost any shape and posi- tion of the tear path is possible. The reinforcement label can be applied inside or outside the bag. This way, producers can offer their customers customized easy- open systems. The use of glue allows to reduce the fabric thickness and helps to save production material: compared to a sewn sack, 4 % less material is needed to form a tight, reliable closure that integrates well into the sack design. Thanks to the tightness of the closure, the use of a PE inliner is no longer necessary. CONVERSION LINE pp*starKON 2.0