Starlinger - Handle Patch Production Line carryTEC

textile packaging HANDLE PATCH PRODUCTION LINE carryTEC handles for AD*STAR® *carry bags, infinitely variable repeat length, easy adjustment, fully automatic production, new unique winding system, no technical changes on latest ad*starKON lines required

We reserve the right to technical modifications. DPR-24651-08V Winder – 3 rolls can be wound up consecutively on one winding shaft: shorter changeover times, higher efficiency Guide rollers – automatic guide rollers for precise production Punching unit – automatic handle cutting die with independently variable repeat length carryTEC: Mode of operation Coated flat fabric is drawn from a roll into the machine, with an edge guiding system ensuring exact intake. The fabric passes the first folding unit and is transported to the punching unit which punches the handle openings. After passing through the second folding unit, the outer fabric edges of the folded fabric are welded by means of 2 welding units. The folded fabric is then wound onto a fabric roll at the winding stand. For higher efficiency, the winder can wind up to 3 handle patch rolls consecutively. The machine can be equipped with 2 different handle cutting dies (95 mm and 120 mm) with the same outline. carryTEC Starlinger Head Office Sonnenuhrgasse 4 1060 Vienna, Austria T: + 43 1 59955-0, F: -25 Starlinger & Co Gesellschaft m.b.H. A member of Starlinger Group Easy adjustment – scales and adjustment devices ensure quick and easy format change No technical changes on latest ad*starKON lines required. Technical Data carryTEC Production speed (depending on repeat length) 100 m/min Length of handle patch 200 – 560 mm Width of handle patch 80 – 180 mm Handle length 95 / 120 mm Roll diameter unwinding (max.) 1500 mm Roll diameter winding (max.) 1000 mm 2800 mm 8100 mm h = 2400 mm